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Re: Ticket number 7382431216211 - 7382431216212 ( newly - changed etickets )
Hi thank you very much for all the trouble you took to ensure that i manage to save some money and book into the economy class i shall always reme ...

Dr Frances Penafort, 11/2 46200 PETALING JAYA SELANGOR MALAYSIA

RE: Ticket number 7382433024559
Thank you for such a fast turnaround. This is a second time we use your website and the service is outstanding. ...

Jenny Ha, 27 Abeckett Street, Melbourne, Australia

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  • Vietnam delicious foods
    Vietnam delicious foods

    Vietnam is an agricultural country belonging to tropical monsoon climate. Also Vietnamese territory is divided into three distinct regions, North, Central and South. The main characteristics of geography, culture, ethnicity and climate regulate specific characteristics of each region’s cuisine. Each area has a specific taste. That contributes to enrich and diversify Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, through a lot of invasions and trading activities Vietnamese culture and food culture in...

  • Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho)
    Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho)

    Whenever thinking of Vietnam cuisine and Vietnam noodles in particular, “Pho” usually comes into foreigners’ mind firstly. Actually, beside “Pho” there are many other renowned noodles in Vietnam including “ph?”, “bún”, “mi?n”, “h? ti?u” and so on.Nodle Soup (Pho) Vietnam noodle soup (Pho) is a famous dish and is a combination of many elements such as broth, noodles made from rice, a few herbs, and meat. There are two main kinds of Pho: chicken pho and beef pho with two styles of Saigon...

  • Meal customs
    Meal customs

    After greeting someone, Vietnamese will offer you to have meals with them, especially when you visit their house to express their hospitality. In other words, food as well as dining has an important part in Vietnamese life since it is a way for people to know each other, especially in business. Here is some information about Vietnamese dining customs. Dining customs Vietnamese often have light breakfast in the morning with junk food (such as bread, sticky rice, porridge, soup, noodles). As a...

  • Explore lovely lotus with Vietnam Airlines
    Explore lovely lotus with Vietnam Airlines

    As well as being Vietnam’s national flower, the lotus is a symbol of purity and benevolence. Lotus is also the symbol of Vietnam airlines. Parts of this plant are also eaten. We look at some foods and drinks use this special plant. Longan Lotus seed sweet pudding (chè long nhãn): Longan Lotus seed sweet pudding (chè long nhãn) Made of longan fruits and lotus seeds, this sweet pudding is very popular during the hot summer months. Lotus seeds are inserted into de-seeded longan fruit and cooked...

  • Pho cuon
    Pho cuon

    Talking about Ha noi food, we cannot forget Pho. It is Pho the soul of Hanoi. Especially, over the past 10 years, Hanoi cuisine welcomes delicious rolled noodle (Pho cuon)-a new flavor of noodle, both fresh and easy to eat. Also using fresh rice noodles, soft beef, raw vegetables (onion, lettuce, basil and coriander), but this is a waterless dish, using only dipping sauce. Not like in traditional Pho, these noodles are square types. Fried beef and vegetables are wrapped inside the noodles....

  • Hanoi Beer Corner
    Hanoi Beer Corner

    Among famous and characteristic cuisine of Hanoi such as Pho, Bun Cha, Bun Dau, shrimp paste… “Bia hoi” is an irreplaceable drink. Bia hoi also has another name “Bia tuoi” (fresh beer). It is a feature of Hanoi Beer that instead of being served in bars, Bia hoi is commonly poured from kegs to pints for customers at street-corner all over the city. This has become a culture of the residents and an attraction to visitors to Hanoi.Bia Hoi Bia hoi is a popular kind of drink that is frequent to...

  • Flavors of Vietnam
    Flavors of Vietnam

    As an agricultural country and a thousand of years under feudalism, Vietnamese cuisine depends heavily on rice growth in water paddies throughout the country, with everyday dishes designed for the King. Through ups and down of history, Vietnam cuisine is now the combination of traditional flavors and effects from outside like China, France, Thailand, etc. Vietnam food can be considered one of the healthiest yet most divine cuisines worldwide.Vietnam food With the long stretch of geography...