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Ticket number 7382432847256 -7382432847257
Thank you for the issue of the above tickets for or domestic flights in Vietnam next year. Very efficient as before! ...

Peter and Helen Preston, Little Hintock , Melbury Osmond, Dorchester , Dors

Reservation code: NIWIEZ
Dear Dung, I confirm we receive the e-tickets for ours flights I would like to thank you for your good service. Best regards, ...

Céline Beaugendre, BP 1640, 98713 Papeete tahiti, French Polynesia

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+ How can I receive Vietnam Airlines online boarding pass?

Web check in

Passenger can receive online Boarding Pass for Vietnam Airlines flights by two following methods:

- Self print online Boarding Pass: please print on A4 size in order to display all necessary information in one page. In the case that Online Boarding Pass is printed in more than 1 page, please bring all of them to web check-in counters at airport.

- Receive Online Boarding Pass via email/e-device: please visit web check-in counters at airport to exchange Traditional Boarding Pass.
+ Why I cannot check in online my flight with Vietnam Airline?

Web check in

Passenger check in online Vietnam Airlines flights at:

If you cannot check in online, please check again your personal and reservation information.
+ Under what situations that I cannot check in online VN Airline flights?

Web check in

In below situations, passenger cannot check in online flights of VN Airlines:

- Passenger order special services (except for special meals).
- Passenger who is deportee, inadmissible.
- Passenger traveling with infant under 2 years.
- Passenger using FOC, ID, AD tickets.
- Departure of flight does not from city that web check-in is applied.
- Passenger in flights operated by other airlines.
- Reservation code with unidentified seat
- Passenger without ticket number
- Passenger using other regular customer card of other airlines to check in.
- Passenger using Vietnam Airlines GLP card but card number has not upgraded in the seat.
- Information added may be wrong
- Passenger check in outlobby permitted time of check-in (24 hours to 2 hours before scheduled time of departure)
+ DoesVN Airlines accept to check in online 2 days before flight time?

Web check in

Web checkin Vietnam Airlines is available for passengers from 24 hours to 02 hours prior to estimated time departure.
+ Can I use frequent customer number of other airlines to check in online?

Web check in

Frequent customer number of other airlines is not accepted to check in online VNA flights. Frequent customer number of an airline is applied to its own flights.
+ Can I check in online flight of Vietnam Airline if I travel with an infant under 2 years old?

Web check in

If passenger travels with an infant under 2 years old, you cannot check in online flights with Vietnam Airline.
+ Can I check in online Vietnam Airline flight with ID and AD tickets?

Web check in

As regulations of Vietnam Airlines, passenger with ID and AD tickets cannot check in online.
+ Why I cannot use my GLP number of VNA to check in online?

Web check in

That passenger cannot use GLP number of Vietnam Airlines to check in online maybe because the number has not been upgraded to the reservation code, or you use your number for more than 1 reservation code with the same departure within 24 hours and 2 hour prior to the flight time.
+ I order some special needs of Vietnam Airline, can I check in online?

Web check in

Passenger ordering special services (except for special meals) cannot check in online. You must check in at the airport.
+ After completing web check-in of VNA flight, what do i have to do at the airport?

Web check in

After passenger complete web check-in of VNA, you must do following procedures at the airport:

- Passenger show up at the airport at least 15 minutes before closing time of check-in counter (closing time of check-in counter: 40 minutes before scheduled time of departure of domestic flights and 50 minutes of international flights, 60 minutes in airports of Charles de Gaulle, London Gatwick, and Frankfurt). If you are late for checking in, the airline will cancel your web check-in.

- Passenger shows up the online Boarding Pass, the airline’s staffs will stamp on this boarding pass, or change to traditional boarding pass then give them to passenger.

- Passenger will go through security line/ immigration areas before go on broad.

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