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Ticket number 7382431493580 -7382431493581
Thank you. I have received my eticket. I would like to commend you and your staff for the very fast and efficient manner in which you handled my conc ...

Barbara Stevenson, 105 Cormiston Road, Riverside, Tas, Australia

Re: Ticket number 7382431216211 - 7382431216212 ( newly - changed etickets )
Hi thank you very much for all the trouble you took to ensure that i manage to save some money and book into the economy class i shall always reme ...

Dr Frances Penafort, 11/2 46200 PETALING JAYA SELANGOR MALAYSIA

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Moscow Domodedovo Airport is an international airport located on the territory of Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast, about 42 kilometers southeast of Moscow, Russia, is the country's largest and busiest airport. It is one of the three major Moscow airports along with Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. The airport consists of a two-level terminal building with international and domestic piers and is currently undergoing expansion scheduled for completion in 2012. It has 22 jetways altogether. Connected to Moscow by a modern expressway, buses, taxis and rental cars can all provide transportation.


Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Hanoi (Vietnam): 4181.42 miles / 6729.34 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam): 4825.79 miles / 7766.35 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Nha Trang (Vietnam): 4812.98 miles / 7745.74 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Luang Prabang (Laos): 4145.74 miles / 6671.92 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Vientiane (Laos): 4275.39 miles / 6880.57 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Siem Reap (Cambodia): 4547.45 miles / 7318.41 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia): 4702.68 miles / 7568.24 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Taipei (Taiwan): 4584.75 miles / 7378.43 km

Distance between Moscow (Russia) and Yangon (Myanmar): 4083.08 miles / 6571.09 km


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