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Thanks! E- ticket arrived. Great service. Very fast and reasonable too! ...

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Dear Mr. Dung Thank you so much for taking care of the refund. We really appreciate your help. We look forward o visiting Vietnam next year and ...

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Home News Vietnam Airlines serves cocktails on long haul flights

Vietnam Airlines serves cocktails on long haul flights

Cocktail is a mixed drink is blended from wines and fruit juices and considered a popular drink of numerous people. Also, it is a diverse beverage in menu of bars in the world. Drinking cocktail is not only to refresh, but also to enjoy the taste, color, decorative art. Therefore, Vietnam Air has selected cocktails designed by itself to serve passengers on long-haul flights. It also contributes to the introduction and promotion of special fruits of Vietnam to international friends.


With professional restaurants and bars, concocting dozens of cocktails is not difficult. However, international flights serve many passengers with diversity of nationalities, culture, habits and preferences. Feelings of passengers on color, taste and smell on aircraft is different on the ground. Restrictions on alcohol in the long-haul flights, conditions of preparation and ancillary components to serve fast but high quality... are the criteria that need to be considered carefully.

Starter meal on Vietnam Airlines

From this reality, Mr. Vo Tan Si spent much effort to search and mix different ingredients in order to find the most suitable beverage, satisfying the needs of majority customers on Vietnam Air flight. Under the skillful hands and creative mind of Mr. Vo Tan Si, three cocktails named Red River, Saigon Sunlight and Hello Vietnam was born to serve bring the passengers of Vietnamairlines. Vietnam Air passengers now can enjoy the delicious taste of the cocktails bearing the international mark and flavor of beautiful tropical country. These cocktails are also considered its proprietary products.


In Red River, connoisseurs will recognize the characteristic of Campari wine, combined with orange juice and Dry Martini. This is an ideal appetizer before enjoying exquisite cuisine. Saigon Sunlight with gentle smoky taste of Whisky when served along lemon juice, syrup and Sprite will become an attractive beverage that can be used at any time of the flight. The cocktail named Hello Vietnam is made from Campari wine, orange juice and Sprite, used for all the time before or after a meal.

Drinks Vietnam Airlines

These drinks attract passengers not only by delicious taste but also by the beautiful and eye-catching color. When poured into a crystal glass that Vietnamese Airlines put its own production, the cup of cocktail becomes more attractive and delicious. This is one of 4-star services that Vietnam Airlines is looking forward to meet the demand of passengers. Along with the product systems on the ground and on aircraft increasingly perfect, the drinks and meals carefully invested are contributing to confirm quality service of Vietnam Airline.


According to representative of Vietnam air lines, in the future, passengers on long-haul flights, especially Business Class will be served more cocktails. All are to meet the increasing diverse demands of customers.