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Ticket number 7382427891487 - 7382427891488Thank y
Thank you for your prompt service in issuing us tickets to fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Hue on Friday 24th February. ...

Colin and Karen Edwards Colin and Karen Edwards , 24 Stonewell Drive, Congresbury, Bristol BS49 5DW

RE: Ticket number 7382424017078-7382425398792
Hello Thank you so much for looking into this concern and sorting it so quickly - it is kindly appreciated. I will confirm the flight time c ...

Tracy, 76/6 Quoc Huong, Vietnam

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Flights from Nha Trang to Moscow

Do you know Vietnam Airlines flies from Nha Trang to Moscow

Flight distance from Nha Trang to Moscow: 4812.98 miles / 7745.74 km

Airport Latitude/ Longitude: trips are from Cam Ranh International Airport, Nha Trang at (12 0' 26.1324'' N, 109 12' 57.0780'' E) to Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Moscow at (55 24' 51.9948'' N, 37 53' 59.8812'' E)

Flight time from Nha Trang to Moscow by Vietnam Airlines: 9 hours 55 minutes

Flights from Nha Trang to Moscow and return by Vietnam Airlines: 1 flight/day

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