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Vietnam Air news on contract between Airbus and Japan Airlines

According to the update information of Vietnam Airways, on October 07th 2013, Airbus aircraft manufacturer announced its aircraft purchasing contract with Japan Airlines (JAL). Accordingly, Airbus has sold 31 Airbus A350 aircrafts to Japan Airlines with the price of $9.5 billion. The first aircraft will be delivered in late 2014. As the agreement, Japan Airlines can choose to purchase 25 additional Airbus A350 aircrafts.

Vietnam Air news on contract between Airbus and Japan Airlines

Mr. Fabrice Bregier, Airbus Chief Executive Officer said that this is the biggest contract of this manufacturer with Japanese airlines. The new aircrafts will improve the performance and competitiveness of the carrier, said Mr. Yoshiharu Ueki, President of Japan Airlines.

A350 is a fuel-efficient aircraft, competing directly with Boeing 787 Dreamliner of America. In recent years, the airline industry has been harmed by the air transport demand declining and fuel price increasing. Therefore, many airlines are turning to purchase the fuel efficient aircrafts in an effort to reduce costs and maintain profitability.

Also according to Airbus, A350 saves more than 25 % of fuel consumption than the previous aircraft generations. Before gaining the contract with Japan Airlines, Airbus had sold 725 A350 aircrafts.

It is expected that after Japan Airlines, Airbus will have more contracts of selling aircraft to other airlines in Asia including Vietnam airlines.

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