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Vietnam Airlines
E Mail and attached tickets arrived safely. Many thanks for your courtesy and efficiency. best Scott ...

Scott Meek, 408 17 Hickson Road Sydney 2000 NSW (61)4094478...

Compliment! Vietnam Airlines
I traveled through Vietnam recently and took several Vietnam flights using your Airlines and found your service to be reliable, friendly, helpful and ...

Nicole Smith, Brisbane, Australia

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Flights from Vinh to Hanoi

What to know about flights from Vinh to Hanoi

* Flight distance from Vinh to Hanoi: 207.57 miles / 334.05 km

* Airport Latitude/Longitude: trips are from Vinh Airport, Vinh City Nghe An at 18 44' 1.2516'' N, 105 40' 8.8104'' E) to Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi City at (21 13' 3.9576'' N, 105 48' 9.4032'' E)

* Flight time from Vinh to Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines: 30 minutes

* Flights from Vinh to Hanoi by Vietnam Airlines: 2 flights/day

* Fares quoted in USD, included taxes and airport fees